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Check out Kylee’s post speech interview with blogger Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) on at the Big Idea Fest in San Jose, CA.  Kylee’s actual speech as one of the keynotes at the event will be posted soon.  Stay tuned!!


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Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand (TLS) is a community of little ladies and mini men who promote and instill the spirit of entrepreneurship for girls and boys. We empower them at an early age to become confident, self-reliant and capable individuals. Our focus is to instill the joys of being creative, taking a risk and finding a passion for children ages 7-12  (2nd-6th graders).

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TLS is an in-person and online program that provides its members with affordable resources and tools to promote entrepreneurial education experiences for girls and boys.

TLS was inspired by the spirit of the modern kid. The modern kid is smart, playful and enthusiastic. With a team of supporters, the modern day little lady and mini man also reach beyond what they know is easy. Modern day Lemonade Makers envision a better world and believe themselves to be key players in making that change take place through entrepreneurship. Our mission is to nurture and protect that belief at the earliest age possible.

TLS makes the experience of learning about entrepreneurship fun. Our curriculum provides a blended learning environment where students learn concepts, create new businesses and interact with established entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. We are the scouts for the new economy and we make the cookies ourselves.



TLS is preparing the next generation of leaders with the knowledge, skills, and courage necessary to become successful entrepreneurs. We provide little ladies and mini men with the tools to become self-reliant and successful at the earliest age possible.

Ages 7-11 are some of the most creative and interesting years of a young person’s life – TLS girls and boys embrace and welcome the MANY programs for middle and high schoolers – our girls and boys learn how to excel in them with a head start.


Core Curriculum

TLS’s curriculum was built using a blended learning model, combining in-person and online lessons focused. on teaching entrepreneurial skills to little ladies and mini men. We focus on skills not normally taught in traditional classrooms.

Over time, the little ladies and mini men learn how to:

    • Create and sustain a business idea
    • Pursue new opportunities
    • Engage in a process of continuous improvement and innovation at an early age
    • Adapt and Adjust through Teamwork
    • Understand financial and global literacy skills
    • Understand the role of Empathy in their lives


The TLS program spans a two year period, each with a fall, spring and summer season. During the first year, little ladies and mini men are introduced to a variety of concepts key in the life of an entrepreneur. In person lessons are supplemented with online badge quests in a secure online community, helping to reinforce key concepts.

At the end the first season, little ladies and mini men are ready with an idea and plan in hand. Season two and three are spent building out the plan using experiential learning fundamentals. In year two, they choose functional areas to explore, lead and mentor younger lementrepreneurs and continue to pursue innovations. The end of each year is marked with a mock investor panel presentation, helmed by successful entrepreneurs in the community. Little ladies and mini men also have the opportunity to launch their idea in the market with the support of the TLS team through TLS Labs.

Summer Program

Are You A Camper?

Here you can catch up on all the fun activities that have been going on!

Steve and Kate Camp

MONDAY June 27th

Day One:

Today the basic cornerstones of entrepreneurship were explained by our storyteller Freddy. Campers brainstormed ideas for a business and talked amongst their friends.

Effort is essential AND Pushing to Your Passion

In this quest, we will taught the cmapers about effort. It’s impossible to
accomplish anything without effort. Each camper should think of a couple
of things he or she puts effort into doing each day—from the moment each one
of you wake up. Then, act out one of these things with and without effort.
We find that a few dramatizations get campers thinking about the rewards
of putting in effort and recognizing that putting EXTRA EFFORT
into their businesses in the year ahead is an investment that will definitely pay off!
Passion pushes you to things that you want to do in life. It inspires
entrepreneurs to do what they like in business. Write down, each possible
passion of yours on separate pieces of paper. Passions can be interests that
might spark an idea for a business, such as “art” or “sports” So make sure to
include those. You should make some tough descisions and in the end, decide
what you think would be the best to start a company with . After this
activity, the you can start to brainstorm ideas for businesses based on their
passions. By the end of this activity each camper should go home and
report on a business idea that ignites his or her passion.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 1.22.11 PM

TUESDAY June 28th

Day Two:

Today we talked about products and services, the pro’s and con’s of both, and then the mini-preneurs decided which one they want to explore. Campers also visited the Bread Studio and saw how bread itself is a product but baking the bread is a service.

To Produce or Serve

Product and service. In this quest, mini-preneurs will learn the difference
between a product and a service. A product company is one that sells objects
that you can hand out, like cupcakes or scarves. A service business is one that
offers services, like pet sitting or lawn mowing. Split the participants into two
groups, a product group and a service group. At home, brainstorm a list of either
products or services that they might sell. Then, discuss each item with your family.
Bring your ideas to camp about why or why not starting a business interests you.

The Conversation

Entrepreneurs must learn how to engage in a meaningful dialogue. Assemble a
list of local entrepreneurs willing to talk about their businesses with you. This quest
combines all three of the TLS anchors of creativity, risk and passion, so
mini-preneurs are sure to have a lot of fun with it! Dial for ideas! 

Helpful Hints

Take notes in your TLS journal when you are on your phone call. This is another
skill that will come in handy later in your life. 
When the call is complete, discuss
with a member of your support team what you learned during your conversation
with the entrepreneur. What parts of the conversation were fun? What did you like
about what the entrepreneur was talking about? What was not so interesting to you?
What else did you learn about the overall experience? Other thoughts?

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 1.22.11 PM


Day Three:

Today the kids thought about what type of business they were going to start and
began to design a creative logo. In addition to a logo, campers learned about stop
 motion animation and designed a promotional video describing what they do.
As a wrap up the campers discussed their ideas, logos, and videos and talked about
what was learned so far.

Entrepreneurship sums it all up

All that the campers learned so far combine to facilitate Entrepreneurship.
The next step is to guide them to take all the knowledge they gained in past
classes and put it all together. You have learned about creativity, empathy,
risk, passion and what to do when you face roadblocks. Now you are ready to
apply these lessons to you like best. Remind yourself that all of the things that
you have learned so far should inform this process. You may choose a  product
business, which will sell actual items, or a service business, which can offer
and sell their service. Second, brainstorm names for your business. This process
is very exciting, and once you have a name for your business; you are ready to
start managing it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 1.22.11 PM

THURSDAY June 30th

Day Four:

Today campers reviewed what the companies do, worked out any other
problems they had with their businesses, and shared their product or service.

Write JINGLES!!!

Brainstorm and write down lyrics to your very own jingle. This should be
somehow tied to your business and catchy in order to attract potential
customers.  In your free time, making logoed t- shirts and other cool stuff is
a great way to promote your business.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 1.22.11 PM

Have You Finished Camp?
Congratulations, you are eligible for the Camper badge! Create an account  at our badging site. After your account is verified, see Kylee on Thursday to get your Activity Code and collect you Camper Badge!


Kylee Speaks Globally

Kylee Speaks in Brazil

Kylee Speaks at Major Conference

Annual Educators Conference October 2015


Kylee’s First Pitch

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Mini-Prenuers take on Capital Hill!





Kylee co-founded lLifte at the age of 7 and is now the the founder of Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand. Kylee is a 6th grader who enjoys reading, the beach, playing piano, and shopping. Her sassy personality takes her from Brazil to the beaches. She believes in young entrepreneurship and thinking out of the box. Her largest goal is to live life to the fullest.




    Amanda is herself an entrepreneur. Passionate about encouraging social entrepreneurship, Amanda is particularly interested in educating the next generation to build stronger and more sustainable communities. Amanda earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Psychology from George Washington University, a Master’s degree in Organizational Learning from George Mason University, and a doctorate from George Washington University.




      Emily has been involved with TLS in various capacities since the inception of the program. She is passionate about giving children the opportunity to think outside the box by following their passions and taking calculated risks. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Advertising.




        Miwa is an entrepreneur that owns a graphic design firm, Happy Life By Design. She is passionate about design, collaboration and teaching her clients how to best express their brand to the market. She developed the logo and brand for lLifte and TLS. She also works with TLS to maintain their brand through all marketing materials, presentations and social media.

          MOLLY HOPE

          MOLLY HOPE


          Molly is a transitioning Army officer who decided to get involved with TLS because she has a passion for Social Entrepreneurship. Molly helped format the TLS curriculum workbook and is actively involved in managing the social media platforms for TLS. Molly has her Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Syracuse University and is pursuing her MBA at the University of Michigan, Fall 2016.






            Chris is a Pine View School senior who is developing the TLS website as a summer internship. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, economics and business. Christopher Cail is a member of the STEM Cell Research club, Progressive club and National Honor Society. In addition, he is nationally ranked in crew and the captain of the Sarasota Scullers Youth Rowing Program. Chris has updated and redesigned the TLS portal and will continue to keep followers informed on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.” columns=”2″]

            Advisory Board

            Stan Abramson – Arent Fox
            Andrea Fuller – Just Add Firewater
            Emily Holmes – Independent
            Mark Irwin – U.S. Holocaust Museum
            Tina Leone – Ballston BID
            Ladan Manteghi – Georgetown University
            Ed Martin – Good Xchange
            Peter Mellen – Netcito
            Miwa Patton – Happy Life By Design
            Farimah Schuerman – Copia
            John Walber – Credly



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