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Creativity. Risk. Passion.

Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand (TLS) is a community of little ladies and mini men who promote and instill the spirit of entrepreneurship for girls and boys. We empower them at an early age to become confident, self-reliant and capable individuals. Our focus is to instill the joys of being creative, taking a risk and finding a passion for children ages 7-12  (2nd-6th graders).

TLS is an in-person and online program that provides its members with affordable resources and tools to promote entrepreneurial education experiences for girls and boys.

TLS was inspired by the spirit of the modern kid. The modern kid is smart, playful and enthusiastic. With a team of supporters, the modern day little lady and mini man also reach beyond what they know is easy. Modern day Lemonade Makers envision a better world and believe themselves to be key players in making that change take place through entrepreneurship. Our mission is to nurture and protect that belief at the earliest age possible.

TLS makes the experience of learning about entrepreneurship fun. Our curriculum provides a blended learning environment where students learn concepts, create new businesses and interact with established entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. We are the scouts for the new economy and we make the cookies ourselves.



TLS is preparing the next generation of leaders with the knowledge, skills, and courage necessary to become successful entrepreneurs. We provide little ladies and mini men with the tools to become self-reliant and successful at the earliest age possible.

Ages 7-11 are some of the most creative and interesting years of a young person’s life – TLS girls and boys embrace and welcome the MANY programs for middle and high schoolers – our girls and boys learn how to excel in them with a head start.


Core Curriculum

TLS’s curriculum was built using a blended learning model, combining in-person and online lessons focused. on teaching entrepreneurial skills to little ladies and mini men. We focus on skills not normally taught in traditional classrooms.

Over time, the little ladies and mini men learn how to:

    • Create and sustain a business idea
    • Pursue new opportunities
    • Engage in a process of continuous improvement and innovation at an early age
    • Adapt and Adjust through Teamwork
    • Understand financial and global literacy skills
    • Understand the role of Empathy in their lives


The TLS program spans a two year period, each with a fall, spring and summer season. During the first year, little ladies and mini men are introduced to a variety of concepts key in the life of an entrepreneur. In person lessons are supplemented with online badge quests in a secure online community, helping to reinforce key concepts.

At the end the first season, little ladies and mini men are ready with an idea and plan in hand. Season two and three are spent building out the plan using experiential learning fundamentals. In year two, they choose functional areas to explore, lead and mentor younger lementrepreneurs and continue to pursue innovations. The end of each year is marked with a mock investor panel presentation, helmed by successful entrepreneurs in the community. Little ladies and mini men also have the opportunity to launch their idea in the market with the support of the TLS team through TLS Labs.

Our Impact

Confidence. Drive. Ideas.

CREATIVE NEW IDEAS: dozens and dozens
RISKS TAKEN: endless
SUPPORTERS: CEOs lawyers, PR talent, strategists, business leaders, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas — all who believe in the
COMPETITION and PITCHES: we are on a roll
PASSIONS FOUND: in every mini-preneur, every day


Launched Pilot Club


Kickstarter Campaign
Launched Bagging System
Semifinalists in Ballston LaunchPad Challenge

2015 & Beyond

Partnered with GWU & Google’s Lemonade Day
First TLS Summer Camp
Presentation in Brazil


Most Successful Clubs
Kidcito at 1776 Incubator



On, Wednesday, December 4, TLS was honored by the Launchpad Challenge as the Community Favorite. Before the field was narrowed down, members of the community chose Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand to receive this inaugural award. Being a part of this Incubator was an honor and we were thrilled by the surprise. TLS’s token “mini-man” and Kylee’s #1 fan was there to cheer her on during her acceptance.”

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In April Senator Warner met with eight young entrepreneurs – they call themselves “mini-preneurs” – who’ve raised nearly $13,000 online through a variety of efforts focused on teamwork and creativity. The 6-to-10 year olds are leaders in a secure online community called Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand.

They wanted to know all about Senator Warner’s early days as an entrepreneur in the cell phone business: “Being an entrepreneur can be a lot of fun, but it can also be kinda scary,” Senator Warner told them. “Being in business for yourself means taking risks – and being willing to lose everything in order to keep pushing a good idea.”





Kylee co-founded lLifte at the age of 7 and is now the the founder of Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand. Kylee is a 5th grader who enjoys reading, the beach, playing piano, and shopping. Her sassy personality takes her from Brazil to the beaches. She believes in young entrepreneurship and thinking out of the box. Her largest goal is to live life to the fullest.




    Amanda is herself an entrepreneur. Passionate about encouraging social entrepreneurship, Amanda is particularly interested in educating the next generation to build stronger and more sustainable communities. Amanda earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Psychology from George Washington University, a Master’s degree in Organizational Learning from George Mason University, and a doctorate from George Washington University.




      Allie was introduced to TLS through the Ballston LaunchPad program where she fell in love with our mission to inspire kids to learn about entrepreneurship. She is passionate about giving kids the tools they need to grow, as well as spreading the word about TLS’s accomplishments. She works at the Ballston BID and graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Communications.




        Miwa is an entrepreneur that owns a graphic design firm, Happy Life By Design. She is passionate about design, collaboration and teaching her clients how to best express their brand to the market. She developed the logo and brand for lLifte and TLS. She also works with TLS to maintain their brand through all marketing materials, presentations and social media.

          Advisory Board

          Stan Abramson – Arent Fox
          Andrea Fuller – MindFarm
          ​Emily Holmes – Saylor Academy
          Mark Irwin – Digital Strategies
          Tina Leone – Ballston BID
          Ladan Manteghi – Georgetown University
          Ed Martin – Blue Clay Ventures
          Peter Mellen – Netcito
          Miwa Patton – Happy Life By Design
          Barbara Pugliese – Community Coalition for Haiti
          Farimah Schuerman – Academic Biz Advisors
          John Walber – Learning Times
          TLS Representatives: Serena (Pilot TLS Class) & Ethan (TLS ’14)



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